Stepdance & Broomdance


Dartmoor Stepdance

The stepdance competition is one of the main traditions associated with the festival. Dancers step on a 15 inch square board showing their different steps to try and outstep the previous dancer until a final champion is decided upon. The thing that is so unique about this type of stepdance is that anyone can take part. We run a workshop in the morning that teaches people the basic steps and the order they need to be danced in, so by the end of the hour most people are able to enter the competition if they wish. We have a junior and senior championship , so adults you don't have to worry about being outstepped by your children.  It is recommended that you wear a shoe with a hard sole if you want to enter the competition, as this will make a louder and clearer sound on the board.

EXCITING NEWS. Folk music charity Traditional Arts Support in the Community (TASC) receives National Lottery funding to carry out research into the traditional step dancing of Dartmoor. This project has been a huge success. If you have any memories of Dartmoor Stepdancing, or photos / videos we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line via the Contact page. For details click here to visit the project website

Advanced Dartmoor Stepdance

If you enjoyed the Saturday morning workshop and would like to climb to the next step of the ladder then come along and join our stepdance tutors.  They will be teaching a variety of steps from Les Rice and Bob Cann plus a few of their own specialities.  It doesn't matter if you didn't attend Saturdays workshop although being comfortable with the basics maybe to your advantage.

Dartmoor Broomdance

As the title suggests this is dancing with a broom, or rather over a broom.  If you would like to learn how to do this why not go to the workshop which is for adults and children, although the competition is for primary school aged children only.  Another tradition to Dartmoor, this dance is lots of fun for you all to try. 


Previous Stepdance and Broomdance Winners:

2017 Matt Norman Alice Knight Edward Selwood
2016 Jenny Read Christabel White Evelyn Hansell
2016 Matt Norman Molly Marvin Molly Welsh
2014 Jason Rice Matthew Stoner Izzy Rowlands
2013 Lisa Sture Laura Bazeley Albert Hansell
2012 Jenny Read Molly Marvin Molly Marvin
2011 Matt Norman Matthew Stoner Emilia Bazeley
2010 Jason Rice Matthew Stoner Elsa Frangleton
2009 Nina Hansell Katie Ritchmond Beth Frangleton
2008 Matt Norman Zoe Davies Laura Bazeley
2007 Lisa Sture Zoe Davies Tess Bettison
2006 Nina Hansell Maddy Vallance John Aylen
2005 Sarah Crofts Zoe Davies Emily Boother
2004 Jenny Read Mary Huxham Hugh Clark
2003 Alice Jones Mary Huxham Isobel Weaver
2002 Jenny Read Rosie Ritchie Madeleine Weaver
2001 Jason Rice Rosie Ritchie Georgina Riches
2000 Simon Ritchie Rosie Ritchie Megan Pillar
1999 Ellie Downes William Ritchie Annabel Clark
1998 Simon Ritchie Unknown? Jess Pillar
1997 Ellie Downes Genivieve Steele Genivieve Steele
1996 Janna Sanders Kimberly Moses Richard De Salis
1995 Simon Ritchie No Competition Stacey Pinder
1994 Sarah Clibbens Sarah Clibbens Kimberly Meardon
1993 Rachel Hitchcock Russell Hitchcock Owen Bennett
1992 Russell Hitchcock Russell Hitchcock Sally Baldwin
1991 Tanya Ryder Woody Landsman Lucy Irlam
1990 Tanya Ryder No competition No competition
1989 Simon Ritchie No competition No competition
1988 Helen Leese No competition No competition
1987 Helen Leese No competition No competition
1986 Helen Leese No competition No competition
1985 Lisa Sture No competition No competition
1984 Lisa Sture No competition No competition
1983 No competition No competition No competition
1982 No competition No competition No competition
1981 No competition No competition No competition
1980 No competition No competition No competition
1979 No competition No competition No competition
1978 No competition No competition No competition