Dance Teams

Dance teams 2023




Cornucopia are an Appalachian Dance Group performing to a variety of American, Irish and British Folk music.  They are based in Grove, Oxfordshire.  The dancers are energetic performers and interesting to watch, and the band is great to listen to, typically featuring fiddle, banjo and guitar, and bluegrass music.


Exeter Morris

The oldest established side in Devon, Exeter Morris were formed in 1951 and are members of the Morris Ring of England. Each summer, in our distinctive outfit black top hats, green waistcoats and black britches with bells at the knees, Exeter Morris dance in towns and villages throughout Devon and travel to other parts of the country as guests of other Morris sides.

With effect from the end of the 2022 dance out season, in what will the beginning of a new chapter for Exeter Morris, we will be fully embracing the change to become a mixed side, the first in Exeter, and welcome new members, both men and women.


Otter Morris

 Otter Morris are an energetic border morris side founded in 2016 and based in East Devon. We love what we do and can be recognised by our enthusiastic music and dance, clashing sticks, tatter coats in the colours of the oak tree, and our friendly cries of 'Give it Some!'


Cogs and Wheels

Cogs & Wheels Ladies Morris were formed in 1995. We take our inspiration from Finch Foundry in Sticklepath and the surrounding Dartmoor landscape. Our costumes reflect the hues of the moor and our Beldames style of dancing is quite distinctive. Our original team of ten has grown each year and although some are relatively new to Morris dancing we believe that our enthusiasm and joy for the dance overcomes all obstacles!

We perform a wide variety of dances from several traditions— mostly Cotswold, with some Border and some our own. But all with gusto and joy!


Tinners Morris

Tinners Morris started as a group of friends whose arms were twisted to join in with the dancing. Over almost 20 years they have developed a reputation for being a load of lads who know how to enjoy their dancing and who ensure that they provide some entertainment. They dance in a fairly traditional Cotswold style, with others they have learned from Sussex and the old, defunct Ockington Morris.

Never shy to have their photographs taken, they are now able to hold their own in many of the South West Morris Festivals.

It's good to see some of the younger generation in the Side, but we are always looking for new local fellas to join the merry crew.